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We are an international team of professionals, with more than 20 years of expertise in business internationalization, sales and sectorial foreign promotion

About Perspectiva Asia

About Perspectiva Asia

Perspectiva Asia Ltd. is a comprehensive consulting firm, with wide experience in managing corporate events, marketing and sales promotion campaigns and positioning in social networks and communication. Our main areas include food, wines and beverages, consumer and industrial goods. We work with institutions and private clients, offering a strong positioning in Asian markets. 


Experience in:

Developing marketing and comprehensive sales promotion projects 

Organizing events and seminars

Advising on opening and positioning in Asian markets

Managing campaigns in social networks and developing contents for web pages


We are an international team of professionals, with more than 20 years of expertise in business internationalization, sales and sectorial foreign promotion and in promoting Spain as a destination for investments and tourism.

A professional team bonded by rigour, seriousness, closeness and orientation to our client

Offices in Hong Kong, Spain, and strategic partners in Asia

Our team is fluent in Spanish, English, Taiwanese, Mandarin and Cantonese

Marisa Flores, Managing Director

Residing in Hong Kong since 1991, she has an extensive business experience in Asian countries, and had worked for multinational companies in the business, marketing and financial management areas.


In 2005 she joined the IPEX Castilla-La Mancha internationalization project as Director to the Office network of the entity for international markets. 


In 2010 she founded Perspectiva Asia Ltd., a private consultancy firm for clients demanding comprehensive services for the positioning and marketing in international markets.


She holds a B.S. in Economics and Business granted by Deusto Business University and a Master degree in Environmental Management Sciences from the University of Hong Kong. 

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The Team Behind

The Team Behind

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Perspectiva Asia offers a wide range of programs addressed to public and private institutions, groups of companies and individual companies. In addition to a complete list of personalised services for private companies.


  • Programs to promote multi-city and multi-country search of importer/ distributor and to support producing companies with a presence and/or importer in the country.


  • Roadshow programs: including Grand Tasting events (Hall of wines for the profesional audience), Seminars on Wine and Networking Lunch or Dinner (including the pairing of wines and local cuisine).


  • Meetings B2B Wine/ Food Country Meetings.


  • Seminars/ Wine tastings and wine pairing for professionals and media.


  • Private events for companies and institutions.


  • Promotions on points of sale.


  • Reverse trade missions to the producing areas/ countries with importers and opinion formers.


  • Direct trade missions for companies having a workplan with importers, distributors and opinion formers.


  • Wine educational programs with local sommeliers. Support for sales deparments of importers/ distributors.


  • Lunch and dinner, pairing of networking and brand positioning, both corporate and private.


  • Identification of business partners.


  • Preparation of workplan: arranging interviews with potential partners or clients.


  • Trademarks registration in Asian countries.


  • Logistic support: sample reception service to be delivered to potential clients of the companies.


  • Support to business branding abroad. 


  • Reverse trade missions: selection of buyers or prospective clients to visit the facilities of the company in Spain.


  • Support in the participation in international fairs.


  • Organization of presentations.


  • Design, development, implementation and management of programs to promote wine in other countries.


  • Search of professionals supplying services in the country of destination: lawyers, interpreters, translators, designers, etc


  • “Tailor made” services for the company, according to its needs.


  • Service charter and rates are availabe by directly consulting.

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